A Good Night Sleep and It’s Benefits

Sleep is one of the most important part of life. But little do we know. We need it more than we can even image. Nowadays most of us don’t even get the time for a proper sleep. Being an adult tye amount lessens and sleep becomes a luxury. We think we need the whole night for preparing a test tomorrow morning. Or practise piano for a recital or do both at the same time. But it’s better to sleep throughout the night that doing anything else.

When we sleep, every part of our body and organs go through some reformation. Our brain gets rid of wastes. Our immune system prepares for strongly. Our respiratory system do their necessary jobs. So all of then can function properly and repair if there is any problem in the system. Basically the body rests and meanwhile the internal systems do their repairing jobs. And it happens at night in the dark. It’s really important to put off lights for the Brain. Otherwise the wastes don’t clear properly and could result in something bad.

A good night sleep is also very important for long term memory preservation. Studies have shown we tend to forget 40% the new information. But it can be preserved through a good night sleep and when it’s done regularly. Our whole day also depends on we have got enough sleep at night. There are facts and benefits of a proper sleep beautifully described on this amazing TedEd video. Make sure to check out.





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