Always 2011

Movie: Always

Genre : Romance,  Drama,  Action 

Director:Song Il-gon

Country : South Korea


The story starts with the life of an ex- boxer who was doing every odd job to make a living.  His name is Marcelino. Marcelino was one day doing the job of a garage guard. Suddenly a young woman comes and offers him food thinking he was the old man who used to do this duty. Marcelino understood that she was blind and tells her he was doing the old man’s job. At first she got surprised but then she gave him the food and went home. Her name is Jung-hwa. Jung-hwa used to go there to watch her favourite drama. So she continued going there and Marcelino used to describe the actors in the dramas. They start becoming good friends.

On the other hand Jung-hwa used to work in a call center and her boss used to exploit her subtly. But she couldn’t protest otherwise she would lose the job. One day her boss went to her home to molest her but Marcelino comes and beat him. Jung-hwa resigns and Marcelino starts protecting her. They become closer fall in love with each other. Jung-hwa tells her how she lost her parents and her eyesight. Marcelino feels guilty because somehow he is responsible. So decides to go back to boxing and earn money to help Jung-hwa get her eyesight back. An illegal match was going to take place and Marcelino agrees but he had to get rid of all of his real identity. So he gives the money for Jung-hwa’s operation and goes to participate in that match. But after Jung-hwa’s surgery Marcelino doesn’t come back. He disappears. Will he come back to Jung-hwa?

The movie is really full of heat warming emotions. What love means and what it makes people do is beautifully represented here. The actors and actresses did a brilliant job. This is a must watch.


So Ji-sub

Han Hyo-joo

Kang Shin-il

Park Chul-min

Oh Kwang-rok

And more.



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