Song: Behula

Artist: Shunno

Album: Behula

Year: 2021

Language: Bangla

‘Behula’ is the most anticipated and exciting song by Bangladeshi band Shunno, a very popular band in Bangladesh specially among young people. Their song have been mostly energetic and inspiring. However the song ‘Behula’ is slightly different because it is about one of the oldest folklores of Bangladesh and the music video is entirely animated. The animation follows art style of a famous painter of India who is none other than Jamini Roy. The animators and artists did a great job. There scenes similar to action scenes in a video game. Nonetheless the lyrics were really touched as well.


Vaggo amai chobol mare
Rokte bisher jala,
Tumi amar andhar rate
Eksho tarar mala.
Tomar amar ei kahini,
Hajar bochor dhore,
Valobasar gan shonabe
Prachin kono sure.
O behula
Ami morle amay niye
Vasaio vela (2)
Chaira gelo shojon sujon
Tumi tobu pashe,
Tomar moton emon kore
Ar ke valobashe.
Tomar kaya boro maya
Boter chaya chokhe,
Agle rakho bondhu amay
Ei duniya theke.
O behula
Ami morle amay niye
Vasaio vela (2)
Kalo meghe dublo akash
Bojro hanahani,
Akash jane toamy valo
Bashi kotokhani. (2)
O behula
Ami morle amay niye
Vasaio vela
(Source: https://www.clublyrics.com/2021/03/behula-lyrics-shunno.html?m=1)
Image: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SxVusc3y_sc

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