Dear Orgasms

Dear Orgasms

“Dear Orgasms” – Jidnya Sujata | Spill Poetry | Spoken Word | 18+

Written and performed by – Jidnya Sujata

Dear Orgasms

Instagram Handle:- @_jidnya
Curated by :- Team Spill Poetry
Music By :- Preetesh Dsouza

Instagram Handle – preethesh_dsouza
Shot by – Johnathan Dsouza, Jennifer Barla, Jogesh Parihar
Edited By :- Johnathan D’Souza
Instagram handle – jddsouza17
Shot at – The Cuckoo Club, Bandra


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From HelloPoetry.com

(1) Tommy Randell Dec 2016
Sweet sounds of music mooching through our lips.
Modal sweeps, shushing on the shore.
Piercing your rock-wall and sending it diving deep.
Some kind of gravity, formed from particle and wave.
Your gasp for breath as you break.

Tommy Randell – 10th December 2016.

(2) Carter Ginter Oct 2018
Issues with ******* (Trans-Formation Series 4)
Laying alone in my bed
******* in the dark
******* sending scathing ripples
Across my covered female anatomy
And yet in my mind I didn’t see that
I pictured myself with women
Which I always attributed to
My hella queer identity
Except I was never myself in the fantasies
My friend told me that’s why I couldn’t ******
Because I needed to make the thoughts
Much more personal than that
Yet it didn’t feel the same
As watching the strangers in ****
In my fantasies, I wasn’t me
But I also was
I felt synonymous with the person I saw
I imagined feeling what they felt
But they had a *****
I did not
I thought it was just a kink
I don’t think that anymore.

More two

(3) RBWhite Jul 2018
Tell me what you want,
When you’re naked I can’t hear your heart,
Let me introduce myself to the devil,
Put down your light for the night,
“You only want my ****” you say,
But how else can I love you?
“You say you love me just to have ***”
I can’t have *** with anyone else but you,
Through *** I reach your love,
And you’re sleepy and wet again,
Whispering sweet goodbyes and melting your *******,
But in your words,
Your tender words,
Your beautiful soul,
I found my home.

Äŧül Jul 13
In The Bedroom
We are getting married one day,
The next night we shall make love,
You will be my dear peahen darling,
And oh! Only I shall be your peacock,
We shall ****** each other lovingly,
Your dam will be breached when,
Steamy love is made standing…

We would take a bath together,
My hands will be on your peaks,
Your hands’ll be on my shoulder,
Getting closer we’ll just get bolder,
The lovehole’ll swallow lovepole,
Our rhythm’ll get much harder,
‘Oh yes baby!’ So we both cry!!!

In the end, both of us attain *******.
I promise to help you to ****** each time we have *** in future.

Related to a largely ignored aspect of equality.

My HP Poem #1751
©Atul Kaushal
#****** #guaranteed #equality


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