Deep Sea Giants

Deep sea has always been a matter of enthusiasm. Only 5-10% have discovered of what is there in the ocean. We only have knowledge about sea creatures that live in the few thousand metres deep inside the sea. But the sea is even deeper where there is huge pressure and freezing temperature that make life very difficult. But amazingly the deeper tye sea goes the creatures become creepier, scarier and more gigantic. But why do they become giants?
The first 200 meters of the ocean we see colourful and a lot of fishes, plants and many different form of life. Sunlight can pass and photosynthesis occurs. It is called the Epipelagic zone. Next in the Mesopelagic zone light becomes dim, no photosynthesis happens. A few thousand metres down there is Bathypelagic zone. The only creatures that can be are through their bioluminescence produced on their body. But after that Abyssopelagic zone with immense pressure having single largest ecosystem. Finally the Hedopelagic zone. The deepest zone of the ocean containing trenches. In these depths creatures are really terrible and absolutely gigantic. Some of them are the giant Japanese spider crab, giant squid,  the big red jellyfish etc.

At bottom of the ocean food becomes markedly hard to find. Since there is no photosynthesis and not much light the deep sea creatures depend on a phenomenon called the Sea Snow. Sea snow is made of feces,  dead plankton, rotten fish mass etc. They fall on the ocean beds like snow. Not all creatures directly depend on it. But those who do become food for those who don’t. Which indicates there is a tough competition of survival. To become top level predators the creatures evolve in to giants. It eliminates most of their competitors. For example,  the giant squid. It grows upto 13 meters, size of a school bus. It is a huge one compared to the surface level squid. But the giant squid is not the biggest creatures. There are more, unseen, undiscovered gigantic lives lurking deep down the ocean.
To know more please watch this amazing video by Real Science that explains why deep Sea creatures become giants. 

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