Dracula Untold 2014

  1. 8Movie :  Dracula Untold

Genre : Horror, Romance, Action, Fantasy

Director: Gary Shore

Country: USA , UK , Ireland


The story is based on 15th century atmosphere focusing on the story of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. The Prince of Wallachia and Transylvania, Vlad Draculea. Even though he rules his domains in peace he was once a fierce warrior killing people brutally in battles. He had quite a reputation. Being raised as award of the Ottoman Sultan his childhood was full of hardship and brutal training. Now all of these incidents made him realised that he had been cruel so he left his past behind.



In the moment when people of his country were rejoicing an unfortunate matter made its way. The Sultan’s request for young boys for their army. Vladimir remembered his horrible experience and denied their offer. So the messenger of Sultan Mehmet II gave them warnings so that Vlad changes his mind and sends the boys. He offered himself instead of 1000 innocent boys but Sultan refused and made another demand for sending his son, Ingeras as well. But as a father Vlad could not do it and killed the escorts of Sultan. Vlad’s wife Mirena trusted his husband and took their son to their castle.  On the other hand Vlad remembered there lived a demon like creature inside the Broken Tooth mountain cave. It once killed his soldiers too. The Ottomans will attack his domain witha very large army any time. So Vlad had no choice but risk his own life and went inside that terrifying dark cave to seek help. The human formed demon tried to kill Vlad. But he placed his request before him that he came there to find help in order to save his family and his people. His little army is no match for Ottoman army.


The creature was a blood sucking vampire with supernatural abilities. He used to worship a demon for power but instead got tricked and trapped inside the cave forever. So he offers to help Vlad by giving him his poisonous blood. He tells him it will give temporary powers however if he resists drinking human blood he turn back to a human again in three days. Otherwise he will remain a vampire forever.  He drinks the blood and dies waking up as a vampire and threatened by silver and sunlight. He goes back to the castle. But soon the Ottoman army attacks killing whoever they found. Vlad tried his best with the supernatural strength and other powers to stop them. But failed. His son was taken and his wife fell off the castle hight and died. Three days was about to end but his dying wife offered her own blood to Vlad and made him promise to get their son back. Filled his heart with the very desire of revenge Vlad becomes fierce again. Watch the movie to experience some great action and blood spill.

Although the story itself made vague appearance. The cinematography was not the best but went with the movie. Besides the shortcomings it is a movie with awesome action scenes. The characters was played by none other than Luke Evans. Charles Dance appeared as the vampire again like his other dark fantasy movies. The beautiful Sarah Gadon played Mirena.

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Luke Evans

Charles Dance

Sarah Gadon

Dominic Cooper

Art Perkinson

and others.


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