Encanto 2021

Movie: Encanto 

Genre: Animation,  Fantasy,  Drama

Director:Byron HowardJared Bush

Country: US 


Fifty years ago Alma Madrigal lost her husband in an armed dispute in their village but she and her triplets were saved by a magical power that occurred by her miracle candle. A house was built by that miracle called the Casita and the village was saved. This whole thing was called Encanto.  Alma’s two daughters Julietta, Pepa and a son Bruno received particular magical abilities. Like this every child of the Madrigal family received magical powers and helped the people of the village. The candle has been burning since then. Until one child of the Madrigal family doesn’t get any magical abilities. She is Mirable, Julietta’s youngest daughter. Alma was really concerned about it and she was treated differently from the other family members. But her parents loved her.

But something ominous happens. 10 years before that Bruno left the house and nobody likes mentioning him. It is revealed later that the members were losing their abilities slowly. And all the pressure falls upon Mirable as if she was ruining everything. Despite her trials she was not welcomed warm heartedly. But the candle starts to burn less and less and house was getting crack. What was mystery ? Was Mirable really responsible for all the mess-up?

Encanto is a very amazing family movie. You can enjoy watching it with the little family members in weekends. But for the story it wasn’t that fulfilling and the ending seemed nothing special. So if you have higher expectations you may not have it. But it’s still worth a try.


Stephanie Beatriz

John Leguizamo

Olga Merediz

John Leguizamo

And more.


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