Series: Euphoria (2019)

Season: 1 , —

Country: USA

Genre: Teen ,drama


Teenage is all about growing, exploring and discovering new things around us. We love experimenting with our own selves. Gathering experience may even become top priority.  But nonetheless a sheer recklessness works too. This might end up running our lives including the people around us.

The storyline of Euphoria is just like that. It focuses the life of a bunch of teenagers who’s lives are messed up and they do not even seem to care. Going through a lot of hardship and childhood traumas most of them ended up being too reckless. Some did drugs which took them to hospital.  Some got involved in unhealthy toxic relationships. The protagonists here are Rue, Jules, Cassie, Nate, Maddy, Kat and Lexi. They all are high school students.  Their friends, family and their past shaped them in an unwanted way. But the whole series incredibly represented human relationships that one forms in their youth. But these kids had all their relationships complicated and did not know what to do and how to make decisions. Broken family, death of parents and other parental issues seemed to play a great role in shaping their personalities. Euphoria is about the journey of these youthful people discovering their true identities and embracing their own selves.

Cast and Awards:

This amazing drama series is written by Sam Levinson for HBO based on an Israeli miniseries.  The fish series was released in 2019 and some parts focusing of the characters are being aired. The next season is yet to come. The cast is full of wonderful new people who are already famous for their other performances.  This includes the beauties Zendaya, Alexander Demi , gorgeous Jacob Elordi and others. The cinematography is just awesome.  The insightful light effects and positioning were perfect. Even if some points might not be exciting the the cinematography will keep it going great. Although there are many vulgar scenes and some turn of event might not make sense and could be a little depressing but overall it is a good show.


Zendaya played the role of a drug addict who is confused about her life holding many grudges about life. The drama encircles her life mostly with the involvement of her friends.  Their life stories are also portrayed with flashbacks. All of the actors and actresses played their roles marvellously. Besides the soundtrack is amazing. This tremendous character ‘Rue’ got Zendaya an Emma award making her the youngest recipient.

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