Genetic Engineering


Genetic engineering is basically manipulating the DNA of a certain species. In this era of advanced technology Genetic Engineering has become more and more useful. We can literally insert the characteristics we want in a plant, animal or even a microorganism. To see its applications we just need to take a glance at our daily necessities such as hybrid crops, fruits, vegetables, medicines, insulin and so on.

With the help of Genetic engineering, DNA cloning has also been possible.  We already know that a sheep was born as a clone. Although cloning is prohibited now. But in future maybe people will create babies with the qualities they want by inserting certain genes in their DNA. Without Genetic engineering the vast food production and medical advancement would have been impossible. But what about the future? Will it bring more prospering or will it bring Doom for us? To learn more about it you can watch this very interesting video by Kursgesgt In A Nustshell.






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