Happiness and Antifragility


Nassim Nicholas Taleb, a professor, former trader first gave the term Antifragility. It is a very important term in our daily life of growth. Everywhere you will see that most  motivations are about growth no matter how slow it is. In very simple words, Antifragility means when pressure is put on you, you will grow stronger. You will not break. This is also called Resilience 2.0.
This term is also related to happiness. We think happiness means being always happy in life. But it’s not true. Accepting sadness, failures or other negative emotions is also a part of happiness. They make a person stronger. Just like when we work out. We put pressure in our muscles and it grows stronger. This is called antifragility.
Chasing happiness has been there fir a long time. There are many people who are vocal about chasing happiness. They sY want to be happy. Unfortunately these people are the less happy ones. In fact they can end up having depression. Just like the example of looking at the sun. The sun gives us light and causes other benefits but we cannot look at it directly. It hurts our eyes. So we choose the indirect way to see it. Similarly if we break down the concept of happiness and try to get it indirectly,  we cab actually be happy. This is proven from different studies. This is called the Happiness Paradox.
So to be happy we must resolve this paradox and pursue happiness indirectly.

The metaphorical colors of the rainbow presenting happiness is described by the Spire Model according to Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar. This model triggers antifragility which is very important for happiness. Spirituality is also a requirement for a purposeful life. And without purpose one cannot be happy. Also there are other facts related to happiness in our described beautifully by Tah Ben-Shahar in this video  by Big Think. To know more,  make sure to watch this very enlightening video.







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