House of The Dragon

Series: House of the Dragon 

Genre: Fantasy,  Action,  Drama,  Thriller

Seasons: 1
Networks: HBOSky Deutschland
Country: UK
This series starts with the story mainly about the House Targaryen who founded and ruled the Seven Kingdoms. The story takes place 172 years before Daenarys Targaryen who was one of the most important characters of Game of Thrones. The first Targaryen King Aegon Targaryen founded seven kingdoms and took over it by defeating countless soldiers. With theirs weapons he made the Iron Throne and ruled all the seven Kingdoms from Kings Landing.
The main protagonist of House of the Dragon is princess Rhaenyra Targaryen. She is the eldest child of King Vyserys I. The story starts with the glorious 60 years reign of King Jaehaerys Targaryen. But all of his sons passed away before he could choose an heir. After voting in the High Council two candidates were finalised. Pricne Vyserys and Princess Rhaenys who were both King Jaehaerys’s grandchildren. But people rejected a female heir and chose Vyserys. After 9 years of his reign, Vyserys did not have a male heir. His brother Daemon Targaryen started seeing it as his opportunity of succession. The king loses both his wife and newborn son. Yet everybody in small council started doing dirty politics to choose an heir. So he wisely took the decision and makes Rhaenyra the heir. Vyserys apologies to his daughter for not considering her as an equal and lets her know about the dream of Aegon I Targaryen. It’s called the song of Ice and Fire. Where the seven Kingdoms has to stay united to stand against an unknown enemy of the Cold.
The story moves forward with a lot of interesting turns of events. Mysteries unveil and you will see a lot of wars taking place. Also a lot of dragons controlled by the Targaryens. You can start watching it as it is worth it and if you are already a Game of Thrones fans don’t think twice.
Milly Alcock
Matt Smith
Paddy Considine
Emma D’Arcy
Steve Toussaint
Fabien Frankle
Eve Best
Olivia Cooke
And more.

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