Insomnia and It’s Causes

Sleep is like a reward after the daily chores and all hard work we do. It’s a peaceful feeling and a recharging period before the same day repeats. Busy people always look for opportunities when they can sleep. A little peace in chaos. But if you struggle to sleep after day’s hard work it becomes a nightmare.  And it’s even more horrible if it becomes insomnia.

Insomnia is basically a health condition whereas person cannot sleep at all. They hardly fall asleep and even stays awake for day’s and throughout the week too. It is more horrible then to hear about it. So what causes insomnia? Is this a disease? It’s a very common sleep disorder. Insomnia is caused by a lot of things. But mostly because of any mental health issue such as depression, anxiety, PTSD etc. The othe reasons can be stress, stressful thoughts, unfinished tasks, a disturbing partner, noise pollution and so on. Not being able to sleep throws a person’s biological clock off. They cannot fulfill the daily tasks properly. They can even hallucinate and show strange behaviour.  Bad sleeping schedule, neurological disorders and other health problems and certain medicines can cause sleep deprivation too.

The famous movie ‘The Machinist’ beautifully depicted what insomnia does to a person and how it happened. Christian Bale gave an outstanding performance that won him a Oscar. They he was  portrayed as a machinist at a garage who suffered from insomnia and had horrible hallucinations. He also stopped eating that deteriorated his health. You can also watch this amazing video by TedEd on Insomnia and learn more.






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