Isn’t It Romantic 2019

Movie: Isn’t It Romantic

Genre: Romance,  Comedy

Director: Todd Strauss-Schulson

Country: US


Natalie works in a firm as an architect and is very close to her co-worker Whitney.  Whitney is always a fan of romantic-comedy genre whereas Natalie absolutely hates it. She struggles with low self-esteem and doesn’t really believe to find love in her life because of her overweight. She thinks men like a perfect figure woman. She thinks her co-worker Josh likes Whitney. But Whitney tells her that she is wrong because Josh spends his days looking at a model on the billboard across the street. She hates her life. But one day she is knocked unconscious while being mugged. After waking up she finds herself in a luxurious house. Her neighbour has become homosexul and gives her advices.  What acts like her enemy and  her billionaire handsome client Blake seems to have romantic feelings towards her.

Everything is like a dream where everything is just the way she wanted. She tries to snap out but can’t. She decides to find Josh. Josh is the same but is in a relationship with that model and yoga ambassador Isabella. She now wants to get out of this dream. So figures out that only finding true love will make a way to get into reality just like any other romantic comedy stories.  So she tries to adapt to this life and work out with Blake. Unfortunately their relationship turns bitter. But she realises that she loves Josh. Meanwhile Josh and Isabella has already announced their wedding. Natalie is now desperate to express her love for Josh. So she decides to go to their wedding only to stop it. Instead she figures out that before loving someone one has to love themselves truly. But after that she gets into an accident and comes back to reality. Now she loves herself for who she is. She more confident and gets her jobs done properly. Then she meets Josh and tells him that she knows he stares at the model. But Josh reveals that he only stares at the mirror only shows Natalie’s reflection. He likes her. The two kiss and the movie ends.

The movie doesn’t have a solid story.  But it’s fun watching and an escape from reality. So you can watch and enjoy this movie.


Rebel Wilson

Liam Hemsworth

Adam DeVine

Priyanka Chopra

And more .


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