Maara 2021

Movie: Maara

Genre:  Drama, Romance

Director: Dhilip Kumar

Country: India


Little Paaru was travelling with her grandmother and wanted to hear some stories. But her grandmother told her those old stories which made her bored. Seeing her upset an old woman named Mary started telling her a very interesting story about a soldier. But suddenly Paaru’s grandmother stated having seizures so Mary helped her giving her metal locket as she had some medical experiences. Then many years passed.

Paaru is now a restoration architect. She leaves for a costal village because of a project. But there she finds some amazing paintings on old buildings. These paintings depict the story Mary once told her long ago. She reaches an old house full of sketches. Her travel guide told her that all these paintings and sketches belong to Maara. But he doesn’t stay here. So if she wants she can stay here. She stays and finds a sketchbook full of people that Maara met from time to time. As if he was telling a story in that. So in search for Maara and learn more about him she starts meeting with all the people in those sketches. Paaru finds Maara’s photo and unknowingly falls for him. But nobody could tell where he actually was. However, Paaru leaves everything just to find and meet Maara. So she reaches the doctor who tried to commit suicide and Maara saved her. After meeting her Paaru met a lot of good people who were really close to Maara. The journey took some unexpected and unforgettable turns then.

This new released Tamil film depicted love in a very unusual way. People can fall in love without even meeting their loved ones and wait for them forever. This was the main theme of the movie. The cinematography,  paintings,  acting and the amazing paintings made this beautiful story more heartwarming. This is a must watch.



Shraddha Srinath



Padmavati Rao




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