Midsommer 2019

Movie: Midsommer

Genre: Horror,  Thriller,  Cult

Director: Ari Aster

Country: US,  Sweden


The story focuses on Dani who is a psychology student.  She is traumatised after her sister killed herself and her parents by carbon monoxide gas poisoning. She was in a difficult relationship with her boyfriend Christian. Now her trauma makes it more difficult. But Christian along with his friends Mark and Josh, decides that he will break up with before a trip He and others were invited by their Swedish friend Pelle in Sweden for a cultural ancestral Midsummer ceremony.  But Dani finds out about the trip so she also gets invited. But Christian didn’t think she would actually show up. So Christian didn’t bring up the break up and they all go to Sweden.

Pelle tells them that the midsummer ceremony takes place once in every 90 years at his ancestral commune, the Hårga, in Halsingland. Josh even wants to write his thesis on it. Upon arriving they see a lot of beautiful decorations and villagers wearing traditional clothes. They enter through a well decorated gate. They are offered psychedelic mushrooms. Everything seemed really charming at first. People were welcoming too. But soon there some really bizarre events take place that made them uncomfortable. Such as suicide of an old villagers. It was a part of ceremony. Nothing made sense to them until the very end.

The movie is well understood if it is watched carefully till the end. Unlike any other horror film it doesn’t give a dark vibe which creates more uncertainty. No can imagine what comes next. It went from happy to deadly incidents. Some details were psychological and in the end there is a portrayal of feminism.  There are also hidden messages throughout the movie. This is a must watch horror film with a mind-blowing cinematography and acting.


Florence Pugh

Jack Reynor

William Jackson Harper

Will Poulter

And more.


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