Mimi 2021

Movie: Mimi

Genre: Drama, Comedy

Director: Laxman Utekar

Country: India


The story focuses on a small town girl Mimi. She aspires to be famous actress. So she dances in a local place and also struggling for money. On the other hand an American couple, John and Summer visit Rajasthan looking for a woman for surrogacy as Summer cannot conceive. The clinic they contacted didn’t seem reliable so their taxi driver Bhanu tell them about mimi. The couple see Mimi dancing and likes her very much.  So they offer him a huge amount of money. Now  Bhanu has to convince Mimi for the surrogacy.

At first Mimi gets angry and rejects. But when she gets know that it’s easy and she will get a lot of money she agrees. The couple meets her at a clinic, she signs their agreements and the doctor proceeds with procedures. Mimi gets pregnant and lies to her parents about a long term shooting trip. Her parents don’t agree but she convinces them and goes to her best friend Shama’s house. Mimi and Bhanu pretend to be a Muslim couple and start staying at Shama’s. Meanwhile Jonh and Summer comes to visit Mimi. But the doctors tells them that the baby may be disabled so they should abort it. Summer breaks into tears and contacts  Bhanu. They tell him that they don’t want the baby and Mimi can abort it. Bhanu begs them not to do it but they leave for America. When Mimi hears it she breaks down and lead the house crying. People in the neighbourhood see her. Unfortunately a child from Mimi’s father’s music class sees her. Now her parents come to know that she is pregnant. A lot of chaos happen when they start asking about the baby’s father.  Mimi lies about Bhanu being the father. Slowly her parents accept the fact and everything goes smooth until Bhanu’s wife comes and looks for him.

This movie is heart warming  and also focuses on an unspoken part of our society. There are parents who can’t have children and children who don’t have parents or shelter. Also a child is blessing for parents. The characters were portrayed by some brilliant actors and actresses that made the film even more beautiful. This Netflix movie is worth many shots.


Kriti Sanon

Pankaj Tripathi

Sai Tamhankar

Manoj Pahwa

Supriya Pathak

Evelyn Edwards

Aidan Whytock

And more.


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