Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Series: Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Genre: History,  Drama, Romance, Action

Season: 1

Episodes: 20+2

Country: South Korea


Go Ha-jin  is a 25 year old makeup artist working her hard for life. But her boyfriend cheated on her with her best friend and and all his debts were put on her while he left her. Being devastated she was sitting near a lake drinking. There she shared her drink with a homeless man and started talking about her miserable life while crying. Suddenly a kid fell into the river so she went for the rescue. At that time Solar eclipse take place and she drowns. Whe she wakes up she finds herself in the body of lady Hae Soo during the reign of King Taejo of Goreyo.  It was the year 941. Lady Hae Soo was the cousin of 8th Prince Wang Wook’s sick wife.

At first she couldn’t believe that went back in time. She knows the history so she was able to say about the king but she didn’t know anything else. Everyone thinks she hit her head and forgot everything. She accepts her situation and tries to cope up with the royal family and its traditions. The palace has two Queens, concubines, Princes and Princesses. All of them had their own household. Queen Yoo was jealous of others and wanted her son 3rd Prince Yo to take the throne instead of the Crown Prince. But she hated her another son 4th Prince Wang So. Wang so lived away and was never treated as a Prince. He was rumored to be ruthless and called Wolf Dog for his brutal killings. But he returns to the palace to take his place back. Meanwhile the changed behaviour of Hae Soo impresses everyone. Her knowledge over medicines and makeup make her more attractive. Her way of thinking and charm attracts the 8th Prince. He falls in love with her. Meanwhile other princes become her friends. When she meets the 4th Prince she understood his pain and helped him to regain confidence. The 4th Prince falls for her as well. But nothing goes smoothly. The palace and its deadly politics strangle all of them. The fight for throne makes everything more complicated.

The series was based on a Chinese historical novel. It may seem a bit unrealistic at first but the story moves with so much emotions and unexpected twist. This is a must watch.


Lee Joon-gi

Lee Ji-eun

Kang Ha-neul

Jo Min-ki

Park Si-eun

And more.

Image: https://pin.it/4M1pRbG


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