Mucize 2: Ask

Movie: Mucize 2: Ask

Genre: Drama, Romance


Country: Turkey


The story starts right after the finishing of Mucize first part. After his duty as a government school teacher, Mahir goes back to his family in the city. But before he left Aziz who was disabled left the village with his wife Mizgin. Mizgin was really beautiful but was taunted and mistreated because of her husband’s disabilities. Aziz couldn’t bear it and left with Mizgin without telling anyone but left a note. His family members were hurt and couldn’t find their whereabouts. But Mahir secretly sent them to his family. So that they can live a respectful life. Mahir’s family members were very humble and helpful to help them out. But Mizgin tells Aziz that they should get a job and stop depending on others.

Meanwhile Mahir comes back and there takes place a happy reunion. Mizgin starts working with Mahir’s wife. But women there taunted her for Aziz too. Aziz was also mocked by children on the street. This makes Mizgin really sad. Even though Aziz was disabled but he was still her husband and she could never leave him. So Aziz decides to get well for her. Mahir and his brother-in-law helped Aziz to to do all kinds of exercises and stretching to gain his movement. But it was tough. Meanwhile Mizgin becomes pregnant. This inspires Aziz even more. Everything goes smooth and happy until a very unfortunate event takes place that changes everything.

The second part of Mucize is more heart warming. The plot, the people,  their love and selflessness will make you believe in humanity again. Every characters was portrayed so perfectly that you will cry out of happiness. The unexpected ending leave you heavy. But this is a must watch.


Mahsun Kırmızıgül

Talat Bulut

Mert Turak

seda tosun 

And more.


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