New Brain Implants and Human Trials

The famous billionaire Elon Musk has founded a Brain Implant company called Neurolink not very long ago. It has been working on Brain Computer Interface or BCI technology. A BCI is computer based system that collects signals from brain, analyses it and relays the information to do a desired action. Just like how a Brain naturally works. In the recent times there have been massive progress and some of the projects are from Neurolink itself. One of them is implanting devices in monkeys and pigs. There’s this infamous monkey which can play Pong just by using only its thoughts.

Now that a lot of successful experiments have been accomplished, the very next plan is implanting BCI in humans. Although the first company to go for human trials is not Neurolink. It is another competitive company called Synchron who has invented a device called Stentrode approved by FDA for the first time human trial in the United States.  But nothing to get sad as  more competition will bring more inventions. There will be variety of products in the market. But BCI technology has been around for quite a while. The fact is there’s been no progress since the mid 90’s till 2016. Here Neurolink steps in and upgrades this technology just like it was done in Tesla automobiles.

But why do we need BCI technology? Well our brain is full of electric signals that is passed throughout our body parts according to need. If the signals cannot pass due to due to degenerative disease of brain or any other problems in our brain, BCI can solve it. This technology can be divided into two philosophies. Invasive and Non-invasive . The  Non-invasive ones ton of electrical wires stuffed into a hat like structure worn over the head. But it is not that effective since there’s an entire skull in between the sensors and neurons. On the other hand invasive ones are implanted into the brain that works more efficiently as there’s no barrier. The spikes in the implanted chip can read electric signals easily. This way a person can control an electric device or move electrical objects like mpuse just by using their brain. But it is still limited to medical researches. There are limitations of this technology. So to upgrade these limitations and use it without any hazard there comes start up companies like Neurolink and Synchron.

To learn more about BCI and Neurolink,  please watch this video by The Tesla Space.

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