pihu new hindi movie


Pihu New Hindi Movie

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Written & Directed By: Vinod Kapri Produced

By: Ronnie Screwvala, Siddharth Roy Kapur & Shilpa Jindal

Cast: Myra, Vishwakarma, Prerna Sharma

Co-Producers: Sakshi Joshi, Shalini Bindra, Prashant Sarin

Associate Director: Ambujeshwar Pandey

Editor: Irene Dhar Malik, Sheeba Sehgal & Archit D Rastogi

Cinematography: Yogesh Jaini

Music: Vishal Khurana Production

Designer: Ashim Chakraborty

Costume Stylist & Make-up Artist: Prerna Sharma Sonia Saini

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A 2-year-old girl.

Home alone.
What could go wrong? Every parent’s worst nightmare…
Based on an unbelievably true story
pihu new hindi movie
pihu new hindi movie

Movie starts with a birthday party celebration’s decoration. Pihu(Myra Vishwakarma) becomes 2 Year Old that day.
Her Father Gaurav Leaves To Kolkata For Some Work.
That Morning Pihu Wakes Up Early Only To Find Her Mother(Prerna Sharma) Sleeping On Bed.

She Feels Hungry And Tries To Wake Her Mother Up But She Does Not Wake Up.

Pihu Cries. There Onwards There Will Be Sequences Which Are Nerve Wracking Like Pihu Locks Herself In Fridge, Tries To Pick Her Phone, Trying To Jump Over Balcony. In The Climax Scene Gaurav Comes Home And Finds His Wife Dead And Pihu In Her Dollhouse stupefied.


Director “Vinod Kapri” said that the idea behind making the film was the question of “what does a toddler do when she is left alone at home?” He also based it on a real life incident that he read in 2014 in a national daily about a four-year-old girl who was left alone at home.

He decided to have minimal dialogues in the film, wanted the story to depend on “how the girl behaves”, and felt that “every shooting schedule [was] unpredictable.

He also mentioned that the film explores the issue faced by a married couple, compulsions about the concept of family and children. Kapri spent four months with the child, getting to know her and familiarise her with the other crew members.

The girl had never acted before and Kapri is close friends with her parents, so they agreed for her to act on this project.

The film was shot for two hours a day with three cameras placed on the set since Kapri felt “you can’t ask a two-year-old to give another take. Kapri made some changes in the script based on Myra’s behavioral patterns.
For two months, Myra moved to the flat that was rented for shoot.

Kapri had to wait for six months after he had finalised Myra for the film due to production issues.
his friend Kishen Kumar came on board as a producer.
With a budget of ₹45 lakh (US$63,000)
they started shooting the film, but Kumar suffered a cardiac arrest and Kapri had to again seek help for the film’s post-production budget.

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