Ready or Not 2019

Movie: Ready or Not

Genre: Horror, Action

Director:  Matt Bettinelli-Olpin

Country: US


The story revolves around the Le Domas family who owns a gaming business.  The one who runs Le Domas family game company is Alex Le Domas.  Alex is set to marry Grace. The both seem really happy on their wedding day.  Grace also meets Alex’s family members. They are Daniel and his snobbish wife Charity; Alex’s cocaine-addicted sister Emilie, her oafish husband Fitch, and their young sons Georgie and Gabe; Alex’s unpleasant aunt Helene, and his parents Tony and Becky. Tony tells about a game which is their family tradition. It was deal made by their ancestor Victor with a mane named Le Bail to bring fortune to their family. The was a new member of Le Domas family has to draw a game card from le Bail’s puzzle box.


Grace happily takes out a card that says hide-and-seek. Which means now the have to play the game. So everyone hides. After a while Grace witnesses Emily to kill a maid mistaken for Grace.  Alex finds her and tells her that it’s no game. It’s a family curse that a new members must be killed before dawn or all of the will die. But Alex will help her escape. However things are not as easy as they sound. The big house will be hard to escape. Will Grace be able to escape or are there more than it seems?

This movie has a lot of graphic images and violence to begin with. There are love, betrayal,  helplessness and death all over the place.  The story is not that deep and it’s like a modern day cult movie with a horror theme but actually gives you comedic vibes. It’s another movie you wanna watch in a lazy evening when there’s not much to do.


Samara Weaving

Mark O’Brien

Adam Brody

Henry Czerny

Andie MacDowell

And  more.


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