Superbugs and Antibiotic Resistance


Antibiotics are life saver. They have been saving lives for a century now. The bacteria that cause infected in our bodies are destroyed by these Antibiotics. Different bacteria have different traits which are used as targets for Antibiotic. Such as some drugs inhibits protein synthesis in bacteria or stop building up its cell wall. Also destroy their enzymes, DNA,  RNA etc. After the disruption the bacteria cannot grow to cause more infections. Eventually the bodies immune system gets rid of it.

But what if the drugs don’t work anymore? Unfortunately a lot of bacteria have modified themselves in ways that these Antibiotics don’t kill them anymore. So they become resistant and pass the information to other bacteria. This leads to multiple drug resistance or MDR. To much antibiotic exposure can modify certain bacteria that become resistant to almost every antibiotic. Which means if someone gets infected by this will die in the end since no drug will stop spreading of the infection. These bacteria are called superbugs. But we are the ones who responsible for such phenomenon to occur. To learn more about superbugs you can watch this amazing animation by Kursgesgt in a nutshell.




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