The Sky is Pink 2019

Movie: The Sky is Pink

Genre: Family,  Drama

Director: Shonali Bose

Country: India


The movie revolves around a family that consists parents and their teenage son and daughter.  The narrator is Aisha Chaudhary who is the the daughter of Adity and Niran Chaudhary. The story starts from the how Aditi and Niran fell in love and married. Despite their social status difference they got married and their families were happy. The couple had their first chil Tanya. But she used to be ill frequently. Unfortunately she died within few months after birth due to severe combined immunodeficiency condition. The couple was heart broken.

After that they had a son called Ishaan. Ishaan was healthy.  But Adity again conceives a girl after that. They named her Aisha. But she was diagnosed with the same condition like Tanya. But this time her parents did not keep any stone unturned to find her  cure. They left their country, their families just to save her. They didn’t have funds for the expensive treatment but tried their best to collect it. They did whatever they could. But you must see till the end to know what really happens.

The film is based on true events. The real life Adity Chaudhary approached the director to make a film about her daughter’s life and let people know what they went through.  Their loses, hopes, undying love for family and children was beautifully depicted in the movie. It was emotional and heart warming. It tells about the importance of family and being there for each other. This is a must watch and mesmerising movie.








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