What Love Meant

Song: What Love Meant

Music video 

Artist: Dameer

Released: 2022

Genre: Indie, Pop

Language: English


You’ve complicated love for meThe last time I felt goodI was with you at the mall
I hadn’t seen you in six monthsWe watched a shitty horror movieYou moved to Malaysia to be with me
And we got caught making outAnd got kicked out of the theatreMy parents were at homeThinking I was having lunch with Gabriel
Nobody ever held me like you didThe sheer weight of the farewells that we bidBut that’s alright
Thank you for the denim jacketI wear it everywhere I goNot because you bought it for meIt just fits me like a glove
But you knowYou know my measurementsBetter than I do
And one dayYou changed the tone in our Skype callsYou don’t answer my texts andI get high to take my mind off
This goes on for six daysThen I lose my composureGirl what the hell is wrong
She says there’s somethingI should have told you
There’s this guyAnd we were both drunk and high
He’s a few years older than youAnd I think he’s Costa RicanI say forget the goddamn detailsAnd just tell me what you’re meaning
But I knew from the moment I saw her eyesShame can be so difficult to hideBut that’s alright
You used to tutor your classmatesAnd fail your own testsYou made me watch obscure animeAnd bookmark Pinterests of home decor
One day we’ll have a house and things will get betterThan they are nowAnd I feel like a badass for dating someone olderThe validation of maturity it made me act so much bolderAnd it’s stuck with me to this very dayThis is not a song about how you broke my heartAnd that I’ll never be okay
It’s just that nothing feels like how it did with youI feel ghosts of your presence in this roomBut that’s alright
And I don’t hate you for what you didI just wish you didn’t do itThings would be so simpleAnd I’m not strong enough to go through it all again
But thank you for showing me what love meantThank you for showing me what love meant
The time we spentWhat love meant
The time we spentWhat love meant
Source: LyricFind

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