Song: Elizabeth Melouk

Artist: Ahmed Saad
Featured artists: 3enbaDouble Zuksh
Album: El Melouk
Released: 2021
Language: Arabic
Series: Moon Knight
Lyrics English Translation:
I don’t see y’all
You’re some kids living on chasing girls
Every one knows your little worth
Everyone knows I’m bold/aggressive
I’ve never needed anyone
Not an exaggeration I swear
I Stand like a Lion amidst everyone
I was not raised to be mean
In execution I got rocket
I’m enab( grapes/ the meaning of the singer’s name ) from Mars my dude
In the middle of my wars I shoot missiles
In the middle of my country I am writing myself a history

Habeby (Darling)
Baba , wе’ve arrived like a gang
Wе lived simply
You will make it if you have the will
I haven’t asked for help I stood alone
Numbers calling on the phone
They loved me when I reached the top they started acting different
Your ball misses my ball scores

[Ahmed Saad]
Silence Silence Silence Silence
The Kings have arrived
There’s no escape, from the Lions
We aren’t selling words
We’re straightforward and upfront
Doesn’t bother me who says a thing
The haters don’t belong here

[Young Zuksh]
You mess with me you’ll see madness and neighbours will be showing up
God gave me wisdom in tounge, I eat yall with words
Young “Zuksh” came from Al-Salam, your brother is hazardous
I’m straight up and okay, so don’t call me “my man”
I won every trophy
I put the poison in bottles
I served everyone who wanted some
I want what I want
I want you to understand and see what’s good

[Ahmed Saad]
Look where were we
And where are we now
Those who forgot me in two days
L’ll forget you for years”
Thanks to the conditions
That made me see the true nature of People whom I loved truly
And other people who should not be seen

When I came everyone disappeared
It’s outta my hand, I’m a blast
It’s difficult to see you from space
If you show up l’Il deal with you
Get away from me because l’m mean
From Cairo and better than the western
Your planet is different from my planet
By myself I can lead Tatar
Young Zuksh]
I’m hot i’m hot i’m cheque
A car will get you anywhere if you got the money
It’s known, Don’t hang with silly friends my dude
We got you if you know loyalty
You’ll be up (be up)
Even If my hair turns gray
We’ll continue to the last day
Success is tough you can’t be sleeping
Source: Genius Lyrics

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