Song: Mommae 

Artist: Jay Park
Featured artists: Simon DominicHoney CocaineCrush
Album: Worldwide
Released: 2015

Genre: Hip-Hop  Rap, K-pop

Language: English, Korean




I be like, hold up wait a minute girl
Where you goin’? Sorry for staring so much
but you’re so sexy
that I can’t take my eyes off you, god damn

I want to see your bo-bo-body((To be exact, ‘몸매’ (mom-mae) refers to the figure/form/shape/line of a body but for simplicity I just translated it as ‘body’ here))
bo-bo-body, bo-bo-body, yeah
Your bo-bo-body, bo-bo-body
Oh yeah let me see, let me see (Alright!)

Verse 1: Crush)
It’s been a while my babies, on the dancefloor
Move your ass to the beat, completely blow up
I let you know with a gaze and drag you into a corner
What on earth do [other] men find so disgusting?

Ha, I put away my cell phone
We take pics when we’re alone, oh you know how we do it
Even though we film a porn movie all night, tomorrow is important for me
When you open your eyes, I left you alone

Your skinny legs, a skin that hasn’t been touched by knives((= no plastic surgery))
Your body line is total Ms. America shit
I’ll sing with Jaebeom-hyung, give it to me
I’ve always flirted a f*cking lot with women, ha

Climb: Crush)
They ain’t f*cking wit us (oh no)
Oh ah, they ain’t f*cking wit us
It’s been two years, this is Gray on the beat
I’ll say it again, VV:D, yeah I do it for my team, whut


Verse 2: Honey Cocaine)
Ten shots of the soju
Bet I got that white girl like tofu
Two bumps got her feeling like Goku
New pumps on my feet when I roll through

I thought I told you going broke is what we won’t do
Young honey in her prime like Lee Wan Koo
So bougie pull up with the neon roof
like her man trying to holler cause your peon loose

I got b*tches in the kitchen and they dustin’ it up
100 mill wons ain’t nothing to us
My whole team got bs and they buzzin’ to us
They ain’t f*ckin’ with us b*tch

They ain’t f*cking with us (oh no)
Ahh nah they ain’t f*ckin with us
This ain’t DJ Mustard, this is Gray on the beats
B*tch it’s AOMG we do it properly, leggo


Verse 3: Simon Dominic)
I exude my scent any place I go, chick chick
You’re wearing cat make-up, the moment you see me you take a photo
Slow down, you’re a bit too young for me to leave with you
but I gotta scold you because your ass treated me like a child

Errday my sexercise
My diet coach today is you, oh man!
You’re like a beast, it seems like you’ve been starving a few years longer than me
You lie on your stomach and plead, your figure is totally bootyful

I personally see your bodystagram, move your p*ssy higher up
You even have the passion to squat on top of me, you’re diligent
Even if your breasts are fake, it’s okay, this is silicon valley
In it, you take my mic and open your mouth again

The end of this night is in your hands, my d*ck so solid

I might gain some weight but it was tasty, honey
Don’t go home, let’s eat and have sex the whole night again
Your body’s figure isn’t everything, you got the bomb ass p*ssy

Put off the thong as well that you’re wearing with your S line
Feel the freedom like UV, a free night
XXX, it’s how we do Y
Cause you’ll be catching Zs, after we’ve made love

Oh shit, if you want me
then follow me to my hotel room
My girl, taste the superstar
with your tongue once, baby

Woo, you so sexy
Woo, you so sexy
You so sexy girl
God damn

I want to see your bo-bo-body
bo-bo-body, bo-bo-body, yeah
Your bo-bo-body, bo-bo-body
Oh yeah let me see, let me see that right there

Source: https://hiphopkr.com/translatedlyrics/jay-park-mommae-remix-feat-crush-simon-dominic-honey-cocaine/



Video: https://youtu.be/QMRssccj1cs








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