After 2019

Movie: After

Genre: Romance, Young-adult

Director: Jenny Gage

Country: US


The movie start with the narration of Tessa Young. She tells how her life completely changed after meeting a certain someone.  It all began when she got into college after high school graduation.  Her mother and her boyfriend, Noah comes with her to her dorm. Tessa is a charming young girl and her mother has great influences over her life. When meet Tessa’s roommate,  Steph she seemed friendly but didn’t give good vibes. Before leaving Tessa’s mother tells her her roommate can be a bad influence and she must only concentrate on studies so she should change the room. But Tessa tells her that nothing will happen. Noah is also concerned that won’t be meeting often and he is worried. Noah is Tessa’s childhood best friend and still in high-school. Now that Tessa’s is in her room , Steph invites her to a party but she refuses.

Next morning when she comes out from shower she sees a boy reading a book in her room and gets annoyed. Steph says it’s her friend , Hardin. Tessa’s days pass in classrooms and she sees her friends were enjoying in parties. Steph again invites her but this time she agrees. Steph even convinces her to take a drink even though she doesn’t. Then they played truth and dare. Tessa chooses truth and they ask about her intimate incidents. But she has never been intimate even after having a boyfriend. So they give her a dare to kiss Hardin. They were about to kiss but Tessa leaves. Her boyfriend calls her and realises that she is in a party and drank. After the incident Tesaa goes upstairs reads a book. She loves reading books. But realises that it was Hardin’s room and he comes telling her about the book. One day Hardin takes Tessa to a forest and they dive in to the lake. Soon they become close and kiss each other. After coming out of the water Hardin starts touching her but suddenly stops. He says he will never date her. Tessa says she would break up with Noah if they continued. But Hardin tells he wouldn’t date her. Tessa becomes annoyed. Meanwhile Noah comes to visit her and they seemed happy. There was a campfire in college and they all enjoy until a guys starts messing with Tessa. But Hardin beats him and leaves. The incident upsets Tessa so Noah stays the night. Tessa’s friend Landon calls her in late night that Hardin fought his father and now is upset. He needs her. Tessa leaves Noah asleep and comforts Hardin. Hardin was not happy that his father was going to marry Landon’s mother. With the ongoing conversation they both get closer and then kiss. Tessa’s stays the night at Hardin’s place. When Noah finds out what happened in between Tessa and Hardin he breaks up and leaves. This saddens Tessa and then Hardin comes in. But there is a twist at the end.

The movie is based on the novel of the same name by Anna Todd. It was actually a Wattpad novel at first. The movie is a basic romance story with no such excitement. Not really dynamic or too much drama. Just young people growing and discovering their choices in a new world. If you love teenager Romance drama or Wattpad novels then it’s a go for you.


Josephine Langford

Hero Fiennes Tiffin

Selma Blair

Dylan Arnold

Shane Paul McGhie

And more.

Image: https://pin.it/4hCa8N9


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