Out of Love

Series: Out of Love  (2019-2021)

Genre: Romance,  Drama, Thriller

Seasons: 1,2

Episodes: 8

Country: India


The show focuses on a happy family of Meera, her husband Akarsh and their toddler son Abhi. Akarsh’s mother also stays with them. Meera is a doctor in a hospital and Akarsh is an aspiring businessman. The family mostly depends on Meera’s income. Akarsh spends Meear’s earnings carelessly and even buys an expensive car. But Meera never complained and she never let her husband feel any less. She felt really happy with her family. Until one day she finds a hair strand on Akarsh’s scarf. She starts doubting him and one day on their anniversary party she discovers that Akarsh was cheating with a girl named Alia who was much younger than him. She breaks down.

Unfortunately she talks to her best friend Mandira about it. At first she said that Meera was wrong doubting Akarsh. In fact she was lucky to have him. But when Meera discovered Akarsh and Alia’s pictures in his hidden phone she hits the bottom and tells Mandira. Mandira shockingly reveals that she knows and all of their friends know too. She says their affairs has start only two months ago. But when she tells her mother-in-law she says that she also knows about it and it’s been going on for two years. Devastated Meera thinks about divorce. Her lawyer says she has to know about their money and property stuff. Meanwhile she contracts with her patient to spy on Akarsh. Then she goes and seduces Akarsh’s finance manager Vidyut and takes out all information. She gets really sad to know that all her hard earned money and savings for her son was spent for Akarsh’s business. But Meera was not going to let it go easily. She took all her steps to save her family.  But then she gets to know that Alia is pregnant with Akarsh’s baby. At this point she had no choice but to confront him. But Akarsh kept on lying about his affair. He never admits. Alia tells Akarsh that she aborted the baby so Akarsh breaks up with Alia.  Meera becomes happy thinking that everything was over. But she discovers Akarsh contacting Alia and Alia lied about the abortion. Meera’s world turns upside down and she becomes completely helpless. Then things start to take turns in unpredictable ways.

The series is based on the BBC drama series Doctor Foster and had almost the same atoryline. All the actors were marvellous for depicting their characters and made it more realistic. A very common issue of our society was portrayed. It not only show a destruction of family but also how it destroys the mental peace of the children accurately.  Children’s lives also get destroyed with their family and are left with trauma. It’s a must watch show.


Rasika Dugal

Purab Kohli

Soni Razdan

Meenakshi Chaudhary

Suhaas Ahuja

And more.

Image: https://pin.it/fPShESQ


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