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Aging is not a happy news most of the time. We have seen in movies or dramas that people do a lot of stuff both legal and attempt illegal,  risky , dangerous methods to achieve immortality. There are even various myths about how someone can stay alive and young forever.  Apart from the witchcraft and fantasy does science have any solution curing aging?

With age people start facing various health problems. They get diabetes, kidney problems,  heart weakness, memory loss and so on. So what makes us age and why our bodies start getting weaker with that? It’s all inside our cells. Body cells are tend to continuously divide and die when time comes. The DNA structure miss some genes with each division so there is telomere to prevent that. Telomere are extended parts at the end of chromosomes that gets shorter with age. So when in some cells telomeres are gone the cells become zombie cells. These are called senescent cells. They don’t die and stay around healthy cells causing harm. Their number increases with age and are linked to many diseases mentioned above. Scientists have genetically engineered mice who can kill these senescent cells.  The results show that they lived a better, healthier and longer life than the average mice. But you can’t engineer all the cells. So a very important phenomenon is observed. The cell suicide. Cells commit suicide when it’s time to keep the body healthy. It is triggered by a certain protein which is absent or produced in a small amount  in the senescent cells. That’s why senescent cells do not die. This protein is injected in the mice that kill the zombie cells.  Human trials are yet to start.

Another fact is the production of a very important coenzyme NAD+. This signals cells to look after themselves. But when we age the production lowers and heart, kidney diseases, cancer etc start occurring.  Sci-fi are trying to develop the coenzyme artificially as antiaging pills.

Another fact about aging is stem cells. These are like the blue print of cells and are reduced with age. Various experiments are being done on mice with stem cells and positive results are found. Human trials have still not begun.

This is the short summary of the video above by Kursgesgt- In A Nustshell. Fir more and easy learning this video is a must watch.





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