The Fermi Paradox


Our galaxy is not the only galaxy out there. The solar system is just one planetary system among others which is a very small part our Milkyway galaxy. But there are millions of other galaxies consisting billions of stars, planets and systems. So it is very much possible that there are other planets where life can occur just like on earth. To reach any one of the planets it needs super aircrafts to cross the galaxies. But there is no sign whatsoever yet. So where are the aliens? This confusion is called the Fermi Paradox.

There 3 types of civilizations. The first one will be able to access the whole energy available on the planet. We haven’t got the full access yet but it will be possible in the couple hundreds of years. The type 2 civilization will be able to harness all of its home star’s energy with a Dyson sphere.  The type 3 will be able to control its whole galaxy and its energy. Of course all this is possible with some serious technologies that are not available yet. But it can be made possible theoretically. With super advanced aircrafts wrath can even colonies the Milkyway galaxy in a couple million years. But there are other planets out there who are elder than earth having more time to cool down if we consider the big bang. If life exists on those planets we should have noticed extraterrestrial presence. Or the aliens would have travelled in search for other lives too.

The Fermi Paradox rises here. To explain more it we must understand the filters in the universe. Not all planets can go though them. So what are they? Are thy a part of why we cannot see or find the aliens? Or are there other reasons which are full mysterious events? This amazing animation by Kursgesgt- In A Nustshell explains the Fermi Paradox in series. To learn more about the possibilities of alien existence this video is very helpful to start with.






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