An Unsolved Case of NASA

Unsolved cased are the most interesting mysteries and gossiped topics throughout the world. They have no explanation and sometimes no witnesses. We humans are just a tiny part of those whole universe. There are millions of galaxies and billions of stars. And we are so far the only living beings residing on a planet, Earth. But does that mean that we are alone? We haven’t been able to go too far in the space yet. With our limited knowledge we could only discover that the planets of out solar systems cannot support life. But we are still not sure about it. Just like this question an Unsolved case of NASA appears.
On October 15, 2003 , the first Chinese man, Yang Lee Wei was selected as an astronaut. He sent as the first representative of China. His was a solo mission. The spacecraft was untested and the man went on alone. There was huge pressure on him as anything could go wrong. After 10 minutes of laughing he reaches 210 miles above earth. He was set on the orbit as the engines stopped. It was very quiet and lonely and a bit scary. He started experiencing microgravity. He was getting ready to fulfill his mission. Suddenly he heard a sound like knocking. Just like someone knocks the doors. He thought maybe something in the shuttle went wrong. So he checked just to find everything was okay. Again he heard the same sound. He wondered if he was alright or not. It was physically impossible for someone to even survive outside in space. They would blot and die in the coldest temperature. The only living creature to survive it are the Tardigrades. But they are microscopic in size which is very tiny to knock on the door. So was it some kind of space dementia? Yang kept his cool and did not mention it to the control room. It could hamper his return. The knockin sound did not stop. But Yang successfully managed to land on earth. He did not tell about it to anyone. Instead kept experimenting with his spacecraft to recreate the same sound. But nothing would make similar noise. Subsequently other astronauts went on space with the same spacecraft. Then Yang broke his silence and asked those astronauts. They shockingly answered they also heard it.

This still remains unsolved and raises the century old question ‘Are we alone in this universe?’. To learn more about it you can this video that has expert discussions on Yang’s mission by the Science Channel.



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