Asur: Welcome to Your Dark Side

Series:¬†¬†Asur: Welcome to Your Dark Side (2020) Genre:¬†Crime,¬† Thriller, Mystery Season: 1, — Episodes : 8— Country: India¬† Storyline:¬† The story starts by showing a young boy performing religious rituals … Read More

Ek Thi Dayan 2013

Movie:¬†Ek Thi Dayan Genre:¬†Horror,¬† Mystery Director:¬†Kannan Iyer Country:¬†India Storyline:¬† The story follows the life of India’s most famous magician Bejoy Charan Mathur aka Bobo. Although he is very successful in … Read More

Thittam Irandu 2021

Movie:¬†Thittam Irandu Genre:¬†Thriller, Mystery, Romance Director:¬†Vignesh Karthick Country:¬†India Storyline:¬† A female police officer Athira is transferred in Chennai for her duty. On the way she meets Arjun who is an … Read More

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