Beauty and its reasons


Have we ever thought why certain things are beautiful to us and others are not? Anything that makes us feel good, gives a pleasant vibe we consider it beautiful. But is there any general idea what and why we feel pleasant?

We find beauty in flowers, jewelleries,  art, crafts, human faces and etc. Something that is beautiful to some is not beautiful to others. This resides in our heads and the idea of beauty thus varies. If we look at the nature,  every component has a different design, unique pattern. We even gave them names such as the  Golden Ratio and all. From the tool designing g of our ancestors till today we use or keep close anything that is beautiful to us. The idea of beauty is explained more amazingly with a mesmerising animation in this video by Kursgesgt- In A Nustshell. Make sure to watch it and unravel the mystery.




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