What Is something made of?


When we think about a thing, we think about its matter, what it is made of. When again think about what is the matter made of ? Wethink about its elements. About elements,  they are made of atoms. And atoms can be broken into electrons, protons and neutrons. But what are they made of?

The vast universe has so many things to offer. They have their own structure, compounds, molecules and what not. Each of them has own characteristics. Their compositions make them unique and at same time make many mind curious. Scientists have studied matters, compounds, molecules for more than thousands of years across the world. Their discoveries upgraded from time to time. They have discovered many different molecules that affect our lives. So what are they? Where do they come from? Many other questions will be answered and explained in the video by Kursgesgt- In A Nustshell.  Make sure to watch it and enrich your knowledge.




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