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Official Trailer: Blackमेल | Irrfan Khan | Abhinay Deo | 6th April 2018


We present to you the official trailer from the upcoming Bollywood movie “Blackमेल”.
Gulshan Kumar & Ramesh Deo present,
T-Series & RDP Motion Pictures Film,
Produced by Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar, Abhinay Deo and Apurba Sengupta,
Blackमेल is directed by Abhinay Deo. The film has Irrfan Khan and
Kirti Kulhari in lead roles along with Divya Dutta, Arunoday Singh & Omi Vaidya.
The movie is releasing on 6th April 2018.

About Something This Movie

Story : Dev (Irrfan) is a toilet paper salesman.
One evening he decides to spice up his otherwise mundane life and passionless marriage,
by going home early from work with a bunch of roses for his wife.
It turns out, that his wife is in bed with another man.
This shocking revelation leads to a series of events
which are both funny and outrageous…
Review: The middle-class man is a victim of his own
circumstances. He lives a life of submission, so much so, that when presented with
a situation of conflict, like Dev, he struggles to commit a crime of passion.
He resigns to his fate, or so it would seem. Blackmail takes
this concept and gives it an uproariously good twist.
It takes the common man’s daily dilemmas and puts an
intriguing spin on things like EMIs, loans and failing relationships…

On learning about his wife’s adultery, Dev starts
blackmailing her lover Ranjit (Arunoday Singh), who in turn blackmails Dev’s wife.
More drama unfolds once other characters from Dev’s life get
to know of his blackmailing plans. It sparks a series of sorts,
where everyone starts blackmailing someone else for motive.
The situational humour that arises from this madcap premise is hilarious.
Parveez Sheikh (who’s written Queen and Bajrangi Bhaijaan)
has his finger on the right note, and pitches the comedy in the sequences skilfully…

The pace of the first half is a bit slow.
It takes time to setup all the plots, but even then,
the humour stays crisp and entertaining.
The second half is a laughter riot. As each plot unfolds,
the situations get bizarrely funny. Abhinay Deo’s direction is on the money.
After his black comedy Delhi Belly, he has cracked
another one in this genre with Blackmail.
The sublime toilet humour in this story reminds you of Delhi Belly.
The music in the film (Amit Trivedi) beautifully accentuates the right scenes.
Badla, the rap featuring Trivedi and Divine has been used effectively,
and it adds great energy to the narrative. In the film,
Omi Vaidya who’s back with his crazy American twang keeps encouraging Dev by saying,
“shake it up” (pun intended!).
Add to that, there’s a zany song called Sataasat with
lyrics alluding to literally shaking it off! Blackmail’s quirky
humour and presentation makes it a delight ride.

Happy Happy Video Song | Blackmail | Irrfan Khan | Badshah | Aastha Gill


We present to you the first video song ‘Happy Happy’ from the upcoming Bollywood movie “Blackमेल”. This latest track is the sung by Badshah and Aastha Gill, also composed by “Badshah and penned by the hit machine “Badshah”.

Gulshan Kumar & Ramesh Deo present, T-Series and RDP Motion Pictures Film, Produced by Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar, Abhinay Deo and Apurba Sengupta, Blackमेल is directed by Abhinay Deo. The film has Irrfan Khan and Kirti Kulhari in lead roles along with Divya Dutta, Arunoday Singh. The movie is releasing on 6th April 2018.

Song: Happy Happy
Singer: Badshah, Aastha Gill
Lyrics: Badshah
Music And Programming: Badshah
Additional Programming: Aditya Dev
Mix & Mastered By Eric Pillai (Future Sound Of BOMBAY)
Asst Mixing Engineers Michael Edwin Pillai & Lucky
Music Label– T-Series

Irrfan gives a solid performance as the average office guy who
n’t stand up to his boss, nor to his unfaithful wife.
He brings an air of helplessness to his character and keeps a straight
face even when he’s plotting and planning the blackmail.
There’s a degree of uncertainty in his actions which comes
from his goodness – and that’s what adds to the hilarity of it all.
Arunoday Singh, as the wacky track-suit wearing bad boy, is a rage.
It’s one of the best performances of his career.
Divya Dutta as Ranjit’s drunken and dominating wife adds to the amusement.
Her scenes with Arunoday are engaging. Also Kriti Kulhari,
is decent in her part as the philandering wife…

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Irfan Khan

The plot of Blackmail is its hero and it manages to strike a good balance between dark and funny. Characters are bumped off, sometimes in most gory detail and strange events unfold, but the film never loses its vein of easy, black humour. This is one of the most wickedly funny films that we’ve seen in a long time…


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