Naino Ki Jo Baat Naina

Naino Ki Jo Baat Naina

Naino Ki Jo Baat Naina Jaane Hai

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Naino Ki Jo Baat Naina
Naino Ki Jo Baat Naina

Original Credits :-

✓Video Credit : T-Series

✓Audio Credit : Affection Music Records

✓Music : Chandra surya

✓Singer : Altaaf sayyed & Chandra surya

✓Composer : Chandra surya

✓Music director : Chandra surya sir

✓ Song : Naino ki jo baat naina jaane hai (Hum Diwaane hai Aapke )

✓Lyrics : Akhtar nafe

✓Music Lable : Affection music records

✓Audio Credits : Affection music records

✓Video Credits : T – series

✓Recreated by : Mx Musica

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“Naino Ki Jo Baat Naina jane Hai”

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Music in this video

Music in this video
The description of a video that contains music may include information about the song(s) in the video. YouTube adds this information automatically to some videos when the video has been identified and “claimed” by music rightsholders via YouTube’s rights management tools, including Content ID. These notes usually link to a music video or other official content for each song, to help you discover songs and artists you haven’t heard before.

Hum Deewane Hain Aapke (Mera Sanam)
Altaaf Sayyed & Chandra-Surya
Hum Deewane Hain Aapke (Mera Sanam)
Licensed to YouTube by
TuneCore (on behalf of Affection Music Records India Pvt.Ltd.), and 2 Music Rights Societies

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