Brain Eating Amoeba


We have seen many videos describing the microbial world surrounding us and a lot of them living on us. We provide them nutrients and they provide us with stronger immunity and other benefits. A great interaction occurs but some of them become pathogens. And harm us in the deadliest way possible. One of them is Naegleria fawlari. But this mostly known as the Brain Eating Amoeba. In the recent days there have been many cases that children playing in the backyard mud or in water sources are dying because of this deadly microbe.

Naegleria fowlari kills and no one can be saved. It hunts bacteria and others and then rips into pieces. It mostly remains in trophozoid phase and grows, hunts and survives. It is usually found in water also in pipes and water sources  around house if not treated well. Grows well when the water is warmer. When it enters through the nasal cavity the immune e system cannot detect it since the place is covered by mucous. When it comes in contact with the nerve cells and enter the tissues. Finally reaches the brain within 9 to 10 days. It grows and destroys the brain cells. This keeps going on ultimately killing the victim.

To see the whole process and different phases of how this Amoeba attacks our brain , watch this amazing video by Kursgesgt In A Nustshell. It shows how deadly this unseen microorganisms can kill us within a very short time.




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