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In the modern era of foods filled up with so much additives and preservatives, we look for organic food. There are a lot of reasons.  The main one is to stay healthy and avoid major diseases.

But what is organic Food anyway? Organic Food is basically free of GMO, chemical pesticides and fertiliser,  no use of modern technology and produced without preservatives. The organic Food products follow the traditional methods for production. But it is costly. It’s more expensive than inorganic Food. But is it just another posh trend or is it really helpful? Organic Foods are believed to be healthier.  They contain more anti oxidants then the conventional food. Although there’s no idea how much production is needed for our body. Some studies have found differences in retaining nutrition. But mostly did not find much difference in between the conventional and organic food. So it means it doesn’t have much health benefits.  But eating vegetables is more important then knowing how they were produced.

When it comes to being natural, a lot of studies show organic Foods don’t contain much pesticides as conventional ones. But doesn’t mean it is less harmful.  Because toxin is at the end of the day toxin. In fact organic toxins can be more harmful. So which one is better? To find out watch this video by Kursgesgt in a nutshell. You will be able to decide.






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