Bulbul 2020

Movie: Bulbul

Genre: Drama,  Horror

Director: Anvita Dutt

Country: India


In the 19th century Bengal presidency of India a little girl of only five years old is married off to a wealthy family elder Lord, Indranil. Her name is Bulbul. Little Bulbul doesn’t know about marriage, let alone its duties. Indranil had a twin brother Mahendra who was mentally disturbed and a younger brother, Satya almost the same age as Bulbul. Satyagraha and Bulbul became close buddies and played together. Satya used to tell her about demon woman stories they called Chudail who lived in forest. With time they grew closer and had feelings for each other. All of the feelings were put through a diary by each of them. But Indranil never noticed anything. Even Mahendra was attracted to Bulbul.  Seeing this Mahendra’s wife, Binodini got jealous and started planning to take away Bulbul’s happiness. She tells about Bulbul and Satya to Indranil. At first Indranil didn’t care but he started to see it too. So he decides to send Satya to London for studies. This breaks Bulbul’s heart.  Satya leaves her go follow his dream.

Here Indranil grows angrier and one day watches Bulbul and Satya’s name together in the burned diary. He couldn’t hold himself and beats Bulbul mercilessly. Bulbul gets dreadfully injured and both her ankles get twisted and fragile.  Indranil calls Dr. Sudip to treat her and after that he leaves the mansion forever. Gives the responsibility to Binodini. Sudip is told that she fell but he doesn’t believe. With time Bulbul healed though she needed special shoes for her fragile ankles. After five years Bulbul seems to be more joyous and confident then ever. She is the elder of this house and acts like one with such power. Binodini has become a widow and lives in an outhouse with other widows. She says that Mahendra was killed by a demon woman. Also some ther men were killed mysteriously here. Then Satya finally comes back after years. On his way he andctge coachman had to come through the forest. A woman hung upside down appeared before him and disappeared. Satya thought he was dreaming. Now he reaches the house and finds his Bulbul has changed. Also gets jealous to see Dr. Sudip and Bulbul being close. Though Bulbul tells him that it’s nothing like that. But a stubborn Satya goes to hunt down the demon woman in the forest. The story becomes more intense from this point.

The film represents the oppressed women of stereotypical society dominated by men. Also portrays how a woman can grow strong raised her voice to fight against oppression.  Although it was shown in a more religious or mythological way with folklores. But overall it conveyed the messege of empowerment. So it’s worth a shot.


Tripti Dimri

Avinash Tiwary

Paoli Dam

Rahul Bose

Parambrata Chattopadhyay

And more .

Image source: https://pin.it/4XvjSaZ


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