Tumbbad 2018

Movie: Tumbbad

Genre: Horror,  Mythology

Director: Rahi Anil Barve
Anand Gandhi
(Creative Director)

Adesh Prasad(Co-Director)

Country: India


The movie start a tale that a father, Vinayak Rao was telling to his teenager son, Pandurang(14 y/o) in 1947. It was about the Goddess of Prosperity. She worshipped as the symbol of unlimited wealth and grains. She is believed to give birth to other 160 millions gods . But she loved her first born, Haster the most. Haster was greedy. He took all his mother’s gold and also tried to take the grains. But the other gods attacked him. Before Haster was about to get perished, his mother saved him but in one condition. His name must be forgotten and nobody can worship him. Haster sleeps inside his mother’s womb. But the people of Tumbbad established a temple to worship Haster for his gold. After that people believe that the gods’ anger pour on Tumbbad as rain.

In 1918, Vinayak and his little brother, Sadashiv  live with their mother in Tumbbad village.  Their mother serves a local lord, Sarkar with all kind of services including sexual. In his mansion she sees a Haster statue with a gold coin. She said she wants that but Sarah doesn’t give it. She also says that she must hurry to feed Sarkar’s great grandmother who lives in a separate room chained up and with them. The brothers see their mother was late so they cooked and tried to feed that lady but before they could see her their mother arrives and beat them. The old woman was cursed with immortality but her body was rotten and she looked like a horrible monster always hungry.  After a while Sarkar dies and the family decides to leave Tumbbad for Pune. But Vinayak was greedy. He told his mother that they must look into the mansion as there may be more gold. But Sadashiv falls from a tree and gets badly injured.  So his mother takes him to doctor and instructs Vinayak to feed the old lady. If she wakes up then he must tell him Haster will come. That’ll stabilise her. But Vinayak messes up and the lady tried to eat him. Then he remembered and told that Haster will come. The lady goes away. Sadashiv dies on the way and his mother takes the gold coin from the mansion and tells Vinayak that they will leave now. But he insists that they should also ask the old lady she must know something. But his mother beats him and they leave everything behind.  After years Vinayak is now a grownup coming back to Tumbbad and goes inside the mansion. He finds the old lady now growing a tree from her rotten body. She reveals the real story of the mansion in exchange for ending her life from Vinayak.

The amazing story and cinematography makes this film both horrifying and admirable. How desperate a greedy person can get and do whatever he needs to fulfill his needs is portraying wonderfully.  This movie is a must watch. A sequel is also coming.


Sohum Shah

Jyoti Malshe

Rudra Soni

Mohammad Samad

Pushpak Kaushik

Dhundiraj Prabhakar

And more.


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