Dark Matter and Dark Energy


In this vast universe we were able to discover only a fraction of it. Whatever we see or know is just a tiny little part of the world. The rest is dark matter and dark energy. The fun part is we don’t really know about them either. But what are the somethings we know?

Dark Matter is the reason for galaxies to exist. It makes them possible to happen.  Gravity is not enough to form galaxies also stars are scattered all around. Which message there’s something around or inside them. Something that doesn’t reflect light.  Something that is dark. Even though we cannot see dark matter but we find can its position. When the darks matter has a great concentration, light bends away from passing there. Which means there something that interacts with gravity.  The dark matter is not empty matter. Otherwise it would have produced unique gamma rays when reacted with normal matter. It is also not made up of blackholes. It is scattered all over the place.

But dark energy is even stranger. We can’t see, detect or taste it. So there’s a lot more to explore and learn about these two amazing discoveries. This video by Kursgesgt explains beautifully about dark matter, dark energy and their impact on the universe so be sure to watch it.





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