Strange Stars


Neutron stars are the densest matters which are not blackholes. Amazingly they carry a some really strange matter in its core. This matter is very dangerous and can help us figure out the mysteries of the universe. It bends the rules of the universe and can even infect and destroy when anything comes in its contact. This is called the Strange Matter.

At first it’s important to know about the Neutron star before knowing the strange matter. Neutron stars are born after a massive star explodes in a supernova. Then the star’s core collapses under its own gravity.  But squeezes its nuclei and particles together violently. Electrons get pushed onto protons and get merged forming neutrons. Now as we know atoms are actually spacious inside becomes full of particles that don’t want to be together. And push back  against gravity against the collapse. When gravity wins it becomes a blackhole otherwise it becomes a neutron star.

The environment inside a neutron star is very extreme and changes the rules of physics. This can be a very dangerous substance. So we need to know the rules to break it. We must know about quarks and their function. The only two types of stable quarks are up and down quarks found in proton and neutron. But it’s different inside a neutron star. The inside environment is so unstable that it is actually similar to the state after the big bang. Now it serves as a fossil. Then things get more interesting with time. Make sure to watch this very interesting video by Kursgesgt- In A Nustshell.



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