Dirilis : Ertugrul

Series: Dirilis: Ertugrul  (2014-2019)

Genre: History,  Action,  Drama

Seasons: 1,2,3,4,5

Episodes: 150

Country: Turkey


The series is based on a very important historical event focusing on the life Ertugrul the son of Suleiman Shah. Suleiman Shah was the head of one of the most powerful Turk  tribe ‘Kayi’. It was around 12th century. He was a valiant soldier who was never afraid of anything. He was not only a fearless warrior but also very pious and just. The way he loved his religion and his people and how he could sacrifice himself for them was portrayed in every part of the series. His son Osman laid the foundation of Ottoman Empire. Which means Ertugrul’s son was the first Ottoman Sultan.

He always fought against injustice. Even within his own tribe his trusted men and women conspired against him. He took out each and every person who betrayed. He loved his family and took unexpected steps. Most of the time people disagreed with him but ultimately he used to be right.  His three best friends Dugan, Turgut and Bamsi were very close to him and never left his side. Even if there was no one to be with him of doubt him, his friends never left him alone. His wife was a Seljuk princess whom he loved very much. She was rescued by Ertugrul unknowingly and after some turns of events they got married and had three sons. There were crusaders,  Mongols and traitors here and there looking for opening to destroy the Kayi tribe. But the people were fearless and always prepared to fight against injustice. Even the women had training to fight.  And Ertugrul bey was their hope and inspiration. His reputation was widely spread as a great warrior. His brother’s and mother also loved him and were proud of him.

The series gracefully portrays the lives of Muslim warriors and how they used to be so pious in every step of their lives. It was the dawn of Ottoman Empire. They fought not only for themselves or their religions but also fought for anyone who were deprived of justice. They never tolerated injustice and to establish peace they did what they could. The series has love, betrayal,  pain, suffering,  love for God and religion,  war and a lot of action. This is up until now one of the most watched shows all over the world and really popular. The costumes,  the dialogues, the amazing cinematography,  acting and hard work makes it more mesmerising. It’s a must watch. The show is really inspiring.


Engin Altan Düzyatan

Cengiz Coşkun

Esra Bilgiç

Kaan Taşaner

And more.

Image: https://pin.it/1pe1uRf


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