The Handmaiden 2016

Movie: The Handmaiden

Genre: Psychothriller,  Romance,  Drama

Director: Park Chan-wook

Country: South Korea


The story takes place in Japanese-occupied Korea are in the 1930s. Lady Hideko lives with her uncle who are Koreans. She is the heiress of her family wealth that her uncle wants to possess. From childhood she spent her life inside the house and went through so much torture. Her helped the Japanese to take over the country in exchange of a gold mine. He also sold erotic books and stuff to rich Japanese men. He used to force his wife for presenting them . As she was a good woman she denied but faced torture. One day she committed suicide. Now Hideko was forced to do that. Her life became a living hell. Her uncle was planning to marry her and get all the wealth.

A con man named Count Fujiwara comes to Lady Hideko’s house. He makes a plan to seduce and marry her. Then prove her mentally ill so that he gets to hold all her wealth and possession. So he hires a maid, Sook-hee for Lady Hideko to help him succeeding his plan. In exchange she will get ornaments fro Lady Hideko’s possession. Days pass Lady Hideko grows closer to Sook-hee.  They become closer and share their secrets and feelings. But this closeness grew further and they developed a romantic relationship. But Sook-hee remembers her mission so she focuses on that and convinces Hideko to marry Count Fujiwara. But on one condition. Sook-hee also has come with Hideko to Japan. Everything goes according to Fujiwara’s plan. They go to the mental institute to leave Hideko but instead Sook-hee is kept and Hideko goes back with Count Fujiwara. From this point of the movie tremendous twists take place.

If you are a thrillier love this is a must watch. But it has many erotic scenes so better not watch if under 18. There twists and twists.  Here and there. But the story is more than amazing. The director left no stones unturned. If you have watched the movie ‘Oldboy’ from the same director, you must watch this one too.


Kim Min-hee

Kim Tae-ri

Ha Jung-woo

Cho Jin-woong

And more.

Image: https://pin.it/4ubewAQ


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