Don’t Look Up 2021

Movie: Don’t Look Up

Genre: Dark Comedy,  Sci-fi

Director:Adam McKay

Country: USA


A PhD candidate student at Michigan State University,  Kate discovers a comet coming toward earth with drastic possibilities. When she shows it to her professor Dr. Randall Mindy he praises Kate for her discovery.  But soon his calculations turn out to be dangerous. The comet will surely destroy life on earth when it will strike within months. So they try to inform the President but they had to wait for it. When they finally meet her the President doesn’t take the matter seriously. In fact their actions in the office indicates corruption. So they talk it out with other universities and they also confirm that it is true. The comet will destroy earth.

So they reach a news agency to let the world know. But the anchors didn’t take this matter seriously as well. Rather they put emphasis on a mere subject like celebrity break up which was more popular. Kate becomes enraged on TV and becomes Internet troll. No matter what they try nobody believes them. So what will happen next?

This movie depicts the harsh reality of today. How people are only distracted with unnecessary things and how corruption is surrounded. But they still do not get serious when they need to be. This is a must watch. It is a perfect representation of the current time in a hilarious way.


Jennifer Lawrence

Leonardo DiCaprio

Rob Morgan

Meryl Streep

Jonah Hill

Timothée Chalamet

Tyler Perry

Ariana Grande

And more.


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