Don’t Look Up 2021

Movie:¬†Don’t Look Up Genre:¬†Dark Comedy,¬† Sci-fi Director:Adam McKay Country:¬†USA Storyline: A PhD candidate student at Michigan State University,¬† Kate discovers a comet coming toward earth with drastic possibilities. When she … Read More

Dune 2021

Movie:¬†Dune Genre:¬†Sci-fi, Action,¬† Fantasy Director: Denis Villeneuve Country:¬†US Storyline:¬† The film starts with the narration by Chani, a habitant of planet Arrakis. She is a Fremen who are considered powerful … Read More

Kong: Skull Island 2017

Movie:¬†Kong: Skull Island Genre:¬†Sci-fi,¬† Adventure Director: Jordan Vogt-Roberts Country: US¬† Storyline:¬† The story begins with two fighter pilots crashed on an island because of World War ll. American pilot Hank … Read More

Alita: Battle Angel 2019

Movie:¬†Alita: Battle Angel Genre:¬†Sci-fi, Action,¬† Drama Director: Robert Rodriguez Country: USA¬† Storyline: The story is set on pos apocalyptic timeline. Dr. Dyson finds a disembodied female cyborg that has an … Read More

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