Getting Bald


Getting bald

Baldness is not really desirable to most people. Usually with age people start getting bald. And mostly don’t like it. For men it Usually starts right in the middle of the head or two sides that are above the eyes. For women it take a bit more time. They also lose hair but usually don’t get clean bald. They suffer from hair thining and extreme hair fall. Nowadays exceptions are taking place and it’s not rare anymore. People are getting bald in their 20s. Some experience graying at a very early age. So what are reasons that a person gets bald?

Intellectuals in history and fiction are bald. For example Darwin, Michael Jordan,  Nick Fury, Yoda all are bald. It has been a symplectic of intelligence but they still wanted their hair back. Scientists have long researched it. Our hair is made of mostly keratin which is forced outward when there are dead cells protein residues are produced. And the most important part is the hair follicles. It controls and conducts the hair growth. It maintains an everlasting cycle with three phase. The first one is Anagen or growth phase. The 90% hair follicles experience right now. This lasts for 2-7 years depending on the genes. Then  starts Catagen that cause slight shrinkage in the follicles. Lasting for 2-3 weeks it cuts blood supply to the follicles preparing hair to fall off. Then starts Tellogen that lasts more than 10 weeks affecting 5-15% of scalp follicles. At this phase hair start shedding and can shed up to 200 strands per day. Although 100 strands are considered normal. But not all head show same hair patterns. Baldness is inherited. If there’s a gene tye person is about to get bald with age. Also there are hormones that makes hair follicles shorter and cause excessive hair fall mostly seen in men. There are other bodily factors. To learn more you can watch this Ted Ed video named ‘Why Do Some People Get Bald’ with a amazing illustration and animation as always.







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