How To change


How to change

We have many different dreams and goals we want to achieve.  Some are small yet some are very big. To fulfill them we often realise that we need to become a bit more upgraded. We need to make some changes. For example someone wants to lose or hain weight.  So they need to change their diet,  lifestyle,  sleep etc. To learn a language, to cook, draw well and lots of task require consistency. Doing things everyday. And almost achieve them. It starts to work. But then we lose our enthusiasm and head back to being lazy browsing in our phones.

The Internet will always say it’s an individual’s fault. But change is hard. It cannot be done in a day. So understanding why change is hard can make things easier. The one thing about it is we don’t want to change.  Our brain is lazy. It has already created its own paths which it always takes. Being an adult we don’t like being pulled out of our comfort zone.

Our brain makes roads like highways that it always uses. To understand about these highways two things are important.  Routines and habits. A routine contains sequence of actions that is carried out the same ways it has worked out the best for us. Routines become habits. It becomes so easy that the brain considers them rewarding.  So to bring changes we must break the habit and make new ones.

To know more about it watch this video about How To Change by Kursgesgt. The amazing animation is full of information that will never bore you.





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