Haseen Dillruba 2021

Movie: Haseen Dillruba Genre

Genre: Mystery, Crime, Romance

Director: Vinil Mathew

Country: India


The story follows the simple life of a newly married couple Rani and Rishabh. But in the opening scene it shows that Rishabh is killed in a blast right after Rani gets out of their house. His hand is found where Rani’s name was tattooed. So the police suspect Rani for his murder. But Rani constantly denies. She starts telling about their marriage and their married life to the inspector.

Rishabh and Rani had an arranged marriage. Rishabh fell for Rani at first sight. He was a government employee so Rani’s parents also agreed. But Rishabh’s mother didn’t think it was a good match. But Rishabh still married Rani. Rani didn’t really get along with her mother-in-law. Also Rishabh wasn’t cooperating with Rani as he was really shy. This created distance and things started to get complicated. While Rishabh was away from home his cousin Neel came home. Neel was very attractive and Rani started to feel for him. But when she told him that she wanted to get serious about the relationship, Neel left without telling anyone. This breaks Rani’s heart. She got so frustrated that she started telling everything to her husband.Rishabh doesn’t say a word to her. But the next day he goes to Neel and started a fight. But got overpowered by Neel and got beaten. When he comes back home he threatened Rani that he will kill her. After that she starts packing to go to her mother’s house. But some guys stated taunting them. So Rani didn’t leave him stayed back as she couldn’t leave her husband alone and helpless. But Rishabh tried everything to kill her. From this point the story starts twisting with a mystery hidden.

The movie may look really hyped but true thriller fan may get a little disappointed in the end. It has its own mystery and a lot of things happen in the beginning. The movie basically portrayed how life gets complicated with some bad decisions. You can give it a try just like another evening Netflix watch.


Taapsee Pannu

Vikrant Massey

Harshvardhan Rane

Aditya Srivastava

And more.


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