I Am Not Okay with This

Series: I Am Not Okay with This (2020)

Seasons: 1, —

Episodes: 8

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Teen, Superhero

Country: USA


Sydney Novak,  a very confused teenager moved in a small town of Pennsylvania 2 years ago. Even though it had been a couple of years she has only friend,  her best friend Dina. She has anger issues. It started after her father committed suicide and she could never find an answer.  So she constantly argues with her mother but has a lovely bond with her little brother. There is no one she could call a close person besides Dina. Moreover she had a crush on her. At the beginning of the series she calls herself a boring lonely angry teenager.  She is confused about everything happening in her life including her sexuality.

The story moves on with a diary given by her counsellor to cope with ager issues.  So starts writing about daily life. One day Dina introduces her new boyfriend, Bradley and Sydney didn’t feel happy as she had a crush on her best friend.  Bradley wasn’t a good person either. During the meeting Syd felt so angry about and they all notice Brad’s nose starts bleeding.  Sydney awkwardly had a thought she made his nose bleed. Which didn’t make sense anyway. While Dina got busy with Brad, Sydney became alone with time. Then she befriends with Stanley Barber.  They got along and grew very close. They went on doing a lot of stuff together and gathered new experiences by getting intimate with each other.  But even though Stan had feelings for her , Syd was still confused.  Suddenly Sydney discovers that whenever she got angry she could move stuff and put an immense force. Her superpowers were destructive however.  She got scared and could tell no one about but Stanley finds it out and confronts her. They both do experiments to know more about Sydney’s abilities.


Unfortunately she notices there was some kind of a dark shadow that followed her and even tried to attack her. This makes her tensed while she writes about all of these in her diary.  She even mentioned her feelings about Dina and she hated Bradley.  Bradley was also cheating on her best friend. So she exposes him. To take revenge Brad steals Sydney’s diary and took it to prom night. There he threatened her in front of everyone to expose all that she wrote in the diary. Being scared and angry she got terrified of what would happen. Then happens what should not have happened.

The series aired on Netflix last year February.  It was a pretty dynamic show with a lot of excitement.  It presents how a teenager girl struggles with traumas and vague ideas about her own personality and faces trouble expressing herself as well as interacting with fellow classmates including her own family. Amazingly the two protagonists are played by ‘IT’ stars Sophia Lillis and Wyatt Oleff respectively as Sydney and Stanley. The awesome screenplay and cinematography was perfect with superheroes action. Overall the series gave a retro aesthetic vibe along with the costume design. The next season is in progress that will reveal secrets about Sydney’s superpowers.

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Sophia Lillis

Wyatt Oleff

Sofia Bryant

Richard Ellis

and more.



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